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Social Media - two words we hear every day, almost as often as someone says "Hello". No doubt whether it is in your personal life, work life or community life you will talk about social media during just about any conversation. I happen to get very excited about it. In the past six months I have become an "expert" at the basics of social media. And I mean basics. So many times, the conversations I have revolve around time spent and confusion about the information. Now, to become an "expert" you must spend the time (an hour a day) and sift through the information. Taking this time will help you get better and eliminate the stress we are all feeling to be hip, cool and knowledgeable about social media. I do not take this lightly. I believe social media will be with us until the next best communication highway opens up. So how do we do this and see a return on our invested time?

I have pulled together a short list of what you can do today to join the rest of us communicating through social media. It is a basic 101 list. It applies to Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Ning. These are the media outlets I consider myself an "expert". There are many other outlets. My point is to start at the beginning where it all started and expand from there, as you become an "expert".

Get out your calendar. Find four days in a month, preferably one day per week and mark the entire day as a Social Media day. I say four days if you want to work in Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and Ning.
Buy Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Ning for Dummies. Believe it or not, there is no better basic book out there that I have found.
It will take you one full day to just read and set up a social media outlet.
After you set up one Social Media then for the next week spend one hour every morning (I usually do it first thing before I open email) becoming comfortable navigating through it. Repeat with each.
This is very much like going back to school. You must commit to the time up front to become knowledgeable. Then you just apply.

It only takes one hour a day. Yes, it does. I am on Facebook, Linked in and Twitter both personally and professionally and that is all of the time I spend each day. Sometimes, I flip through each and sometimes just one. In this short amount of time I will comment on a friends photo, friend someone, tell people what I’m doing, read a great article and then pass it along for my friends to read, Linked In with someone, check in with business associates and organizations in my network, post photos, tweet about something I find interesting, read another article, share an event I’ve been invited to, become a friend and join a cause. All of this can be done in one hour.

Now you ask, is there a return on the time invested in social media? Yes, I find reconnecting with an old friend is a return, seeing people at an event you invited them to through media is a return, a phone call inquiring about your business is a return, money raised for a cause you create and people support is a return and reading an article that someone tweets that helps you in someway is a return.

You must now decide what is the right social media for you. Once you become the "expert" the skies the limit.


As of July 2009, nonprofit organizations had collectively raised more than $10 million on Facebook, with $5 million of the total donated in the previous six months.

52% of all nonprofits do not have a presence on Twitter. The 24% that do believe Twitter has increased awareness of their organization.
Linked In:

Linked In for Good is a philanthropic initiative for raising awareness and raising funds for nonprofits around the world.

For help getting started as a social media "expert" contact me, I am happy to help you get started.
Dianna Kaczay – Director of Marketing and Communications

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The Pleasure of Giving: Keeping it Convenient, Fast and Rewarding.
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The Hodge Group Green Team is excited to share with you that two of our clients are LEED certified projects. Way to go!

You don't have to be LEED certified to be a Green Team member. Being green starts at home and in the office.

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A programmable thermostat costs $50 to $80, is easy to install, and can save about $180 a year.

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Email Leslie Kreinberg – The Green Team Lead for more ways to become energy efficient!

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Newly added to our Resources Page, The Giving USA Foundation Spotlight Newsletter.

This is a very timely article and you can read it here: Giving Recovery after Economic Depression or Recession

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