Happy Holidays!

The Hodge Group wishes you and your
family warmest wishes for a healthy
holiday season.

Russ, Dianna, Erin, Marianne, Steve, Carolyn, Kay, Sharon and Leslie

"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving,
make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!"
- Amanda Bradley

Build Your Brand - It's Time

Nonprofits have a tremendous opportunity to forge strategic partnerships with businesses to raise both funds and awareness for the organization.

In today's consumer driven environment cause marketing and branding is not an option anymore for savvy businesses, it's what consumers want. Cause Marketing and Branding is a strategy that aligns a company's core values with one or more nonprofit partners or social causes to raise awareness and funds.

According to the 2010 Edelman good purpose study, 63% of Americans expect businesses to do something to support a good cause; 63% of Americans expect brands to donate a portion of their profits to a good cause, and 68% of Americans have more trust in a brand/business that is ethically and socially responsible.

An interesting fact coming from the 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study is that Moms and Millennials are heavily influenced by cause marketing programs and are key consumers for businesses. These two groups also open the door for nonprofits to a new generation of donors.

What does this mean for nonprofits? You need to focus on building your brand and distinguishing your organization and cause from others, both locally and nationally. You also need to build your connection with consumers so they are engaged with your organization and support your cause. As you build your brand in your community, you have an opportunity to build long-term relationships with businesses to champion their marketing and philanthropic dollars to your cause and develop creative and engaging cause marketing programs to help you raise awareness, funds and cultivate potential donors.

For more information on branding your organization contact Sharon Schreiber at: sharonschreiber@hodge-group.com.

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Spa Package

Help your friend de-stress and re-tool for the holiday season. Acupuncture, deep-tissue massage and skin cleanses are all great ways to help rid the body of damaging toxins.

Indoor Vegetable or Herb Garden

Inspire someone to cook natural, healthy meals with an indoor herb or vegetable garden.

Sunlight Simulator

Depression can be a problem for some during the dark winter months. A sunshine simulator can help reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and boost energy.


Don't let the shorter winter days stop you from getting a workout with your best friend. PupLight is perfect for dog walkers, joggers and hikers in the colder, darker months.

Foot Massager

Help increase blood flow and and reduce holiday stress with a calf and foot massager.

Healthy Cookbook

Give a cookbook of healthy recipes. Your friend will have fun exploring new culinary dishes and discovering what ingredients go into a healthy meal. The American Heart Association has a great book for families.

Fruit of the Month Club

Getting a box of fresh, delicious fruit every month is a great way to get your nutrients. Plus, it's a gift that keeps giving all year long. Harry & David have a few packages that can fit different sized budgets.

As always, remember to Go Green this Holiday Season - Recycle

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