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Fundraising and Philanthropic Consulting Services

At The Hodge Group, we believe that no two organizations are alike. We will work side-by-side with you as a trusted advisor to find unique solutions and opportunities that work for your organization. We customize our counsel around your individual needs, whether you need strategic advice in one particular area or full-service planning and implementation. Our approach is personal. Our services are flexible. We set the stage for giving.

Planning/Feasibility Studies and Analysis

As a starting point for most capital campaigns, the feasibility or planning study determines an institution's fundraising potential. A study conserves client resources of time and money while greatly enhancing the potential of a successful campaign. Under the direction of THG's managing partner, we will help you produce a preliminary case statement, select key community leaders and potential donors to interview, and asses your community's giving potential. Final recommendations are presented to stakeholders through both oral and formal written reports.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning determines where your organization is going over the next year or more, how you're going to get there and how you'll know if you got there or not. The focus of a strategic plan is usually on the entire organization, while the focus of a business plan is usually on a particular product, service or program. There are a variety of perspectives, models and approaches we use in strategic planning. The way that a strategic plan is developed depends on the nature of the organization's leadership, culture of the organization, complexity of the organization's environment and size of the organization. The Hodge Group will work with you to improve the effectiveness of your organization's strategic plan.

Change Management

Change Management is a process that will help your organization control change effectively. It's not that you have to prevent change from happening; it's how you manage change once it occurs that really matters. The Hodge Group will help your organization guide you through the process and monitor the impact of change, to ensure that each change has the desired outcome.

Grant Writing

The Hodge Group understands that obtaining grant funding requires more than a great project. You need to understand funders' needs to match what they want to do with what your project hopes to achieve. Our skilled grant writers work to make you successful through research, communication, selecting a funder; creating compelling proposal components such as needs statements, objectives, budgets, and evaluations; and building a relationship with the funder before, during, and after proposal submission.

Foundation and Development Office Audits

The principal goal of the development audit is to evaluate an institution's commitment to and preparedness for a comprehensive philanthropic program. Working in conjunction with your staff and board, we analyze your organization's ability to carry out fundraising initiatives, examine the status of your past fundraising efforts, review the organizational structure with emphasis on development functions, and conduct an attitudinal survey among selected community and volunteer leaders. Following the study, The Hodge Group will make specific recommendations about how to improve the effectiveness of your organization's development program.

Campaign Management and Staffing

When you select THG for your campaign, our senior counsel will prepare staff and volunteers for the campaign experience, construct a campaign timeline; develop appropriate campaign organizational structures; guide campaign projects and materials; train volunteer solicitors, and devise a reporting structure to help record gifts and send acknowledgements. We'll be there to assure your campaign is a success.

Prospect Identification and Donor Research

Identifying key prospects is paramount to any successful campaign and an ongoing development program. We believe that capacity is achieved both by a regular disciplined approach to prospect research and the use of sophisticated electronic screening. These techniques along with the advice of THG's highly trained counsel can help your organization find its major gift prospects.

Project Management

THG will provide management for a defined project (such as a planning study, a case for support, or a development audit) over a specific period of time for an agreed-upon, predetermined fee.

Periodic Counseling

THG can offer a made to order consulting schedule best suited to your needs. THG will provide a program for on-site visits and ongoing telephone consultation on a fee-for-service basis according to your specific objectives.

Annual and Planned Giving

THG counsel has extensive experience in designing and presenting both annual and planned giving programs. Our support for Annual Giving programs includes: a review of the constituent database, an analysis of previous annual giving outcomes, assistance with the Case for Support, and a strategy for solicitation and follow up.

THG also has extensive experience in assisting organizations to start or enlarge their Planned Giving initiatives. Tailored to each organization, we offer a marketing and donor education plan, information for board and staff about planned giving instruments, information about the role of a professional advisors council, and recommendations about using printed materials and the web.

Board and Volunteer Training

Boards are critical to successful fundraising and ongoing support for your organization. Let us help you with customized board analysis and training for your top volunteers. From board retreats to practice solicitations, THG can assist you in making the most of this vital resource.

Proposal Services

THG is able to work with your organization's staff to create a funding proposal or may assume principle writing responsibilities. The approach we take is determined by the organization's in-house skills and available resources.

Donor Recognition and Sponsorship Programs

Will your donors return year after year? THG has significant experience in helping organizations develop meaningful ways to recognize donors leading to increased donor loyalty. We can also help you solidify your sponsorship programs, a special niche in the array of effective fundraising techniques.

Special Events

Some special events are worthwhile; others should be abandoned. Do you know the difference? THG can help your organization analyze the effectiveness of your special events and move your volunteers and staff to the most successful ways to raise money.

WealthEngine™ Donor Prospect Analysis

WealthEngine™ offers the broadest range and highest quality of data sources and the strongest technology to conduct prospect management. The Hodge Group has access to 30 databases to identify and create a more complete picture of your donors' giving capacities.

Branding, Marketing Communications, & Creative Services

Our branding, marketing communications, and creative services are designed to help you get to the heart of what matters the most to your donors, volunteers, clients, board members, members, and other stakeholders. This clarity of understanding becomes the foundation for traditional and digital communications. We provide the following services: comprehensive communication audit, branding and re-branding strategies and messaging, case statement development, campaign theme development and materials, integrated strategic communication plans, website design, digital marketing, donor engagement, public relations, graphic design, and production services.

Philanthropic Experience™

At THG, we are helping clients create what we call the Philanthropic Experience™. Moving your target audiences - donors, potential donors, board members, staff and volunteers - beyond just knowing about your organization and its mission to creating a remarkable experience that triggers an emotional connection and loyalty to your brand. We help you build compelling, multidimensional experiences.

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