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Library Legacy Foundation - Toledo, Ohio

If you love your Library, if you value the resources and services that your public library provides, if you want to help your Library serve more than 455,000 Lucas County residents - please consider a donation to the Library Legacy Foundation. The Foundation is a taxdeductible, 501(c)(3) organization, so your support qualifies as a charitable gift.

The Foundation raises funds to purchase books and other materials, to support programs for children, families, and adults, and to establish an endowment fund for the future.

Some examples of programs with Foundation support are Summer Reading Clubs for children, teens and adults; Authors! Authors!; the Brown Bag Concert series; and Homework Help Centers.



Project Details



The Hodge Group worked with the Library Legacy Foundation to prepare a strategic

development plan in response to the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library's overall strategic plan. The areas of interest of fundraising that the Library Legacy Foundation Board identified included, but are not limited to, were:

· Increase library operation hours
· Mobile library van / homework helper
· Youth Services for pre-K education and literacy
· Additional books
· Additional multi-media resources

At the March 2, 2011 board meeting, the LLF trustees approved a motion to commit to a major $2 million gift campaign to be completed by 2014, and asked the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library to recommend several project options for the Foundation to consider.

At the May 4, 2011 board meeting, the Library presented a draft proposal for an exciting new early literacy project that focused on one of the Library's primary goals: Create Young Readers. The project also was consistent with the Foundation's areas of interest for fundraising, as summarized by the Executive Proposal/ Recommendations that was prepared by The Hodge Group. President Pat Appold asked board members to review the materials so the board could take action at the July 6, 2011 board meeting.

More Information: Project Timeline | www.toledolibrary.org


The budget for the program is approximately a $2.2 million comprehensive campaign to be implemented by the Foundation over the next 2.5 years. This effort will be supported by the campaign budget, which is included in the program budget. This transformational initiative is designed to reach over 40,000 young people during this 4-year funding period.



Every child has the potential to succeed in life, but the path to success begins long before they enter a classroom. It is during the first five years of a child's life when an enormous amount of physical and cognitive growth occurs. Researchers believe the learning skills that are developed between birth and age 5, hold the keys to success in school and life. Because 80% of a child's brain is developed by the time the child enters Kindergarten, the importance of providing young children, birth to age 5, with learning and early literacy experiences cannot be overstated.

Ohio statistics show that nearly one-third of Toledo-area children are not prepared to enter Kindergarten ready to read and write. Without the proper help and support, many of these children will never catch up. Never. There is a clear need to focus on school readiness, and the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is well placed to concentrate on early literacy skills for preschool children. The Library has long been recognized as our community's center for advancing adult and child literacy development and for creating initiatives that promote learning.

Your investment in our Early Literacy Fund will allow the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library to bring essential early literacy skills and training to the areas of our community that are most at-risk through:
· A specially equipped library van to bring library materials into target neighborhoods
· Unique literacy corners specifically for children age zero-to-five in the central city branch Library locations
· Children's librarians to facilitate "Ready to Read" training for parents and teachers
· Specially designed early literacy kits for parents and daycare teachers
· Technologies that stimulate and encourage reading
· Additional books and materials for families to use at home with their children
· Early literacy outreach programming for Head Start programs, daycare providers, shelters, hospitals and other agencies with an interest in young children
· An endowment to sustain the Early Literacy Initiative

The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library and the Library Legacy Foundation seek your assistance and partnership for the Early Literacy Fund. The Campaign Steering committee comprised of board members and community leaders has enthusiastically assumed the leadership role for this campaign. As we move forward, your assistance is needed to make these initiatives a reality for our children and our community.

Visit the Client's Website: www.toledolibrary.org



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