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Annual Fund

Annual Fund Campaigns

Annual Fund Campaigns

The motive for an annual fund campaign is to establish regular giving habits with your donors. Just think what might happen if donors only heard from you every couple of years, or twice this year a nd once next year?

The New Annual Fund

If the words “annual fund” conjure up an image of one big mailing to everyone in your nonprofit's database, once a year, you’re likely still living in the 1960s.

The stereotypical annual fund as a concept is still legitimate, but it has become a much more complicated beast in an era of multichannel fundraising.

Annual Funds One Spoke of Your Funding Wheel

Let’s think of your annual fund as the hub of a wheel with many spokes, not unlike the way we now think about content marketing.

With that, we typically imagine a website or a blog at the center of a sprawling web of other communications tactics, including social media.

The annual fund can anchor your yearly fundraising in the same way. Think of it as an overarching plan or a strategy with many moving parts rather than one fundraising campaign.

The Hodge Group is Ready to Help You Build Your Annual Fund

The Hodge Group has extensive experience designing and presenting annual funds. Our support for annual fund programs includes:

  • A review of the constituent database
  • An analysis of previous annual giving outcomes
  • Assistance with the case for support
  • A strategy for solicitation and follow-up

The Hodge Group works with your organization to train and understand your annual fund in both attracting new donors and increasing the gifts of best donors.

Let's Work Together

We will work side-by-side with you as a trusted advisor to find unique solutions and opportunities that work for your organization. We customize our counsel around your individual needs, whether you need strategic advice in one particular area or full-service planning and implementation. Our approach is personal. Our services are flexible.


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