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Board, Staff & Volunteer Training

Board, Staff & Volunteer Training

A strong and healthy board-staff-volunteer partnership provides flexible and resilient leadership that contributes positively to the organization’s overall impact.

Boards are a critical component of successful fundraising and receiving ongoing support for your organization. To cultivate the trust, respect, candor, and communication that characterize a healthy partnership between a board and staff, we recommend regular check-ins between the executive and chair, a commitment to “no surprises” and thoughtful reflection on performance.

Volunteers are the key to the success of any organization. Let The Hodge Group help you with customized orientation and training for your board, staff and volunteers. From internal training sessions to board retreats and practice solicitations, THG will assist you in making the most of these important resources.

Sample Orientation and Training

  • Solicitor training
  • Cultivation training
  • Message training
  • Value proposition exercises
  • Role playing
  • Executive coaching

Training is at its best when it is experiential, practical, and hands-on.

Let's Work Together

We will work side-by-side with you as a trusted advisor to find unique solutions and opportunities that work for your organization. We customize our counsel around your individual needs, whether you need strategic advice in one particular area or full-service planning and implementation. Our approach is personal. Our services are flexible.