Meet The Team

As one of the predominant philanthropic consulting firms in the nation, THG’s team brings a wealth of experience and expertise in non-profit management, fundraising, and strategic planning. Our diverse skillsets prepare us for everything.

Russ Hodge, CFRE


Specialties: political fundraising; public-private partnerships; leadership and development training

Russ’ hands-on management style and innovative fundraising technique has been the blueprint for THG’s success in achieving philanthropic goals for a variety of organizations.

Kim Horton, MA, CFRE

President & Principal Counsel

Specialties: strategic planning, and partnerships; operational efficiency; capital campaigns

Kim’s expertise lies in strategic alignment of resources, planning, and partnerships. She has worked through every stage of non-profit development and is able to streamline initiatives with an organization’s mission in mind.

Bharat Krishnan, MBA

Director of Client Success

Specialties: diversity management; crisis management; talent management

Prior to joining THG, Bharat spent ten years in the political realm. Specifically, he focused on fundraising, strategic communications, and research. He believes those three aspects of strategy work hand-in-hand, and has a proven record of being able to link them together to create layers of advantages for an organization.

Jenn MacCartney, MBA, CFRE

Administrative & Marketing Coordinator

Specialties: donor relationship management; volunteer stewardship; grant management

Jenn believes building personal relationships is vital to the sustainability of an organization. She has spent over 15 years leading development teams of both national and local organization, specifically focusing on providing critical services to the unhoused population as well as other disadvantaged communities. Jenn is an invaluable contributor to THG.

Maddie Wood

Creative Director

Maddie oversees all branding initiatives for THG and drives the ongoing marketing efforts for the firm. She also has a pivotal role in crafting compelling case statements and visual materials for THG clients.

Kay K. Runge, MLS

Senior Counsel

As a Senior Counsel member of THG, Kay specializes in library building and funding consultation, bringing extensive experience as a professional public library administrator. Her areas of expertise include library management and securing funding for libraries

Our Core Values

Partnering with our firm means you will have our full commitment and dedication to our Core Values. This dedication, combined with our diversity of expertise, our commitment to our growth as a team, and our steadfast commitment to the evolution of philanthropy, places our firm at the very top of our industry.

Commitment to Diversity

THG is proud to practice in accordance with four fundamental principles relative to DEI — (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

These principles are something we observe and practice throughout our Hyper-Philanthropic™️ methodology. With deliberate integration, we demonstrate consistency and balance which fortifies commitment to our firm, respective clients, and communities at large.


We are cognizant that bias exists in every organization, and that those biases have historically excluded marginalized people.


We are committed to maintaining a transparent environment that incorporates feedback on how our work might sometimes fail to positively impact marginalized people.


We will not deny the lived experiences of our marginalized colleagues and clients.


When making recommendations for clients, we will center the voices of those most affected by that client’s work.