Blocking and Tackling in Hyper-Philanthropic™️ Communities

Hyper-Philanthropy™️ is all about the acceleration of giving through joy. For over 30 years, The Hodge Group has had the privilege of serving communities across America which embody that spirit. These communities are primed to develop sustainable income through philanthropy thanks to a developed appreciation for the role of nonprofits toward enhancing the common good. You can read more about the components of Hyper-Philanthropy™️ here.

While serving these Hyper-Philanthropic communities, we have also recognized unique challenges that should be acknowledged and appreciated. We work with organizations to develop strategies for “tackling” the “blockers” in a Hyper-Philanthropic environment. Some of the blockers we’ve observed include:

  • Multiple Community Campaigns: Especially in a Hyper-Philanthropic environment, it can be expected that your nonprofit is not the only one gearing up toward a major fundraising campaign. It is in these environments that we find a Feasibility Study to be particularly helpful. During our study process we include research methodology that allows us to organically detect other projects in the community and conduct risk-mitigation strategies in real time.
  • Political Foresight: When conducting our feasibility interviews, we take an expanded view of what a “stakeholder” is by making sure we include those who may not personally give to the campaign, but whose positive perception of the project is crucial. These political considerations must be taken seriously in Hyper-Philanthropic communities where the major donors and political leadership have mutual expectations of one another toward the outcome of the common good.
  • Strong Leadership: There is no replacement for influential board and campaign leadership. One person who is well-respected in the community and is passionate about your organization and/or project can ensure the most effective path forward toward success. These are leaders who exist by and for the Hyper-Philanthropic community.

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