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Campaign Management

Campaign Management

When you select THG for your Capital Campaign or other type of campaign, our Senior Counsel will prepare your organization for the campaign experience. We will build a timeline, develop appropriate organizational structures, guide campaign projects and materials, train volunteer solicitors, and devise a reporting structure to help record gifts and send acknowledgements. We will be there every step of the way to ensure a successful campaign.

Whether capital, endowment, comprehensive, or annual our campaigns are as diverse and complex as the organizations we serve. On-site THG Senior Counsel not only provide strategic planning but also implement the full spectrum of campaign activities, including: training and guiding volunteers; managing campaign communications; creating proposals and materials; planning events; analyzing progress; and, recommending decisive action.

We help organizations develop or enhance major gift programs and elevate individual fundraising efforts. Working with leadership and volunteers, we create a strategic case statement, build a pipeline of qualified prospective donors, and thoroughly train and prepare for successful major gift visits and requests. We focus not only on the campaign but building a sustainable development model.

Successes to a Fundraising Campaign

  1. Key Leadership
  2. Dedicated Staff
  3. Board Member Involvement
  4. A Clear Goal
  5. Making People Care
  6. Communications
  7. Being Transparent
  8. Cultivation
  9. Donor Data Management

Let's Work Together

We will work side-by-side with you as a trusted advisor to find unique solutions and opportunities that work for your organization. We customize our counsel around your individual needs, whether you need strategic advice in one particular area or full-service planning and implementation. Our approach is personal. Our services are flexible.