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  • Libraries are a Community’s Living Room

    Libraries are a Community’s Living Room

    THG has been fortunate to work with over two dozen libraries, including four right now. While some argue libraries are a thing of the past, we believe they have never been more important. Here’s why: Truly, libraries are the community’s living room and THG takes special pride in being able to help so many communities…

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  • Patience Pays Off

    Patience Pays Off

    Patience is not just a virtue but a crucial skill in the world of philanthropy. Often, we find ourselves waiting for 30+ minutes for a 5 minute all-impactful conversation, or we arrive for an important zoom meeting, and it’s cancelled. Our ability to understand we as professionals are working with volunteers who are giving of…

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  • Rebirth of the QR Code

    The resurgence of QR codes presents a valuable opportunity for philanthropic organizations to enhance their fundraising efforts and engage donors in new ways. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, QR codes had largely fallen out of favor. However, the need for touchless interactions and digital experiences has led to their widespread adoption again. Indeed, we have…

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