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  • Celebrating the Giving USA 2024 Report

    Celebrating the Giving USA 2024 Report

    Every year, those who work in the fundraising industry anticipate the reveal of Giving USA– an annual publication researched, written, edited and published by The Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University in partnership with The Giving Institute. As a member of The Giving Institute ourselves, The Hodge Group hopes to see growth in the…

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  • Annual Giving Unlocks Hyper-Philanthropy™️

    Annual Giving Unlocks Hyper-Philanthropy™️

    Hyper-Philanthropy™ is about capitalizing on resources within your organization and your community at-large to foster an environment where staff, board members, and community leaders understand the influence each has on the other and the impact of serving the public good through philanthropy. Simply put, it is about a group of individuals taking Margaret Mead’s words…

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  • Build Your Hyper-Philanthropic Toolkit

    Build Your Hyper-Philanthropic Toolkit

    While staff members and donors are crucial to a nonprofit’s success, The Hodge Group believes the most powerful resource can be an organization’s board. In order to capitalize on this resource and empower your board, consider taking steps such as providing comprehensive training and equipping them with the proper tools. With this toolkit, you can…

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