Naming Rights Can Accelerate Philanthropy

  1. Strategic Vision: Your board may have a strong strategic vision, and that should be applauded, but are they living into it? By bringing volunteers, donors, and clients into the “BLANK” building each day to carry out your impactful mission, you are telling the entire community that your strategic vision is embodied by “BLANK,” a strong community leader. With their support affirming your organization’s every day, the community knows your organization is worth supporting.
  2. Culture: Certain communities believe there aren’t “wealthy” people where they live. Board members enter a capital campaign apprehensively, worried it’ll never be successful and inclined to favor grant writing over embracing the relationship-based fundraising model we all know is more successful. By making naming rights part of your stewardship process, both the organization and the donor are telling the community that they are proud of this project. People give to people, and by highlighting that giving in this public way you are offering social proof and creating a bandwagon effect that can inspire the community at large. 

Recognizing donors through naming rights not only acknowledges their generosity but also encourages others to follow suit. It sets a precedent for future giving and cultivates a sense of pride among supporters. Ultimately, naming rights present a win-win opportunity for both donors and organizations. 

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