THG As Your FDR – Fractional Development Resource

It’s common these days to hear about recruiting fractional leadership for the C-Suite in business, and THG would encourage nonprofit organizations to look at this model as well. Research from Penelope Burk shows the average fundraiser stays in their job a mere 16 months, and the cost of replacing them is over $100,000. Utilizing the experience of a philanthropic consulting firm like THG allows these organizations to retain decades of experience in the field of development at a fraction of the cost. This is a model we have employed aggressively over the last year for multiple clients, and we’ve found that it’s a proven way to accelerate philanthropy. 

Working with your executive staff leadership and board leadership, we are able to come in as your FDR (Fractional Development Resource) to fill the role of multiple FTEs (full-time employees) over the course of years to build philanthropic infrastructure – with an emphasis on the Moves Management process, toolkit development, CRM development, and other necessary items to ensure long-term sustainability. 

We all know that good talent is hard to find and harder to retain these days. THG stands ready to fill that gap for your organization in the short-term and work with you to develop the best long-term solution for you. Contact us if you’re ready to get Hyper about Philanthropy.