Rebirth of the QR Code

The resurgence of QR codes presents a valuable opportunity for philanthropic organizations to enhance their fundraising efforts and engage donors in new ways. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, QR codes had largely fallen out of favor. However, the need for touchless interactions and digital experiences has led to their widespread adoption again. Indeed, we have personally seen QR codes used to great effect within the two most recent capital campaigns we managed. Below is an example of one of those.

With good digital infrastructure, a QR code can capture so much information about potential donors in real time during a cultivation event. For example, if someone is touring your facility and sees a particular program that pulls at their heartstrings, it’s easy to “close the deal” by offering them a QR code to immediately support that program. While you shouldn’t capture major gifts this way, it does streamline the process of developing an enhanced annual giving model and present an exciting opportunity to close out a capital campaign. And remember, if your QR code doesn’t link to your CRM, you will need to capture the information your CRM to continue building donor relationships.

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