Patience Pays Off

Patience is not just a virtue but a crucial skill in the world of philanthropy. Often, we find ourselves waiting for 30+ minutes for a 5 minute all-impactful conversation, or we arrive for an important zoom meeting, and it’s cancelled. Our ability to understand we as professionals are working with volunteers who are giving of their time should make us more understanding and patient. It’s not as much about our schedule as it is theirs. 

Beyond the solicitation itself, development professionals and volunteers must understand that building meaningful relationships takes time. The steps involved in moving a donor prospect from the identification step of the Moves Management™ process to solicitation can often take months or even a year. And then, of course, it is crucial to engage in meaningful stewardship that extends beyond simply asking for money. This is where it is vital to engage in the Hyper-Philanthropic™ process, especially as it relates to understanding the behavioral economics and communications methods of your community. 

So, next time you’re spending over half hour in a waiting room, whether that’s virtual or real, understand that that’s just part of the job.

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