Libraries are a Community’s Living Room

THG has been fortunate to work with over two dozen libraries, including four right now. While some argue libraries are a thing of the past, we believe they have never been more important. Here’s why:

  1. Libraries are Community Centers: These are places where small groups can gather for free, whether that’s a group of grandparents watching their grandkids or high school students working on a school project. As these groups interact, they foster that sense of community we all crave. Many capital campaigns we’ve been a part of have included specific wants and needs such as a play area for small children or a 3D printer so students can have access to cutting-edge knowledge. 
  2. Libraries are Knowledge Accelerators: As counterintuitive as it may seem, the reading of physical books has increased in recent years. This growth is in addition to the growth of eBooks, with more and more libraries adopting those capabilities. Through feasibility studies we’ve conducted, we’ve heard communities voice time and again how important it is that the library have access to broadband services. This is a place where people go to have access to free high-speed Internet, including hotspot centers, so they can apply for jobs and conduct other important business.
  3. Libraries are Beautiful Jewels: A library’s capital campaign will often include a historical element. It was built over a hundred years ago and the architecture must be preserved, or it is a Carnegie building and its history must be told to the next generation of learners. This involves a more robust and nuanced approach with regards to your messaging and Case for Support, which THG can provide thanks to our decades of working with libraries. Sometimes in these situations, we see a part of the case statement that stresses the importance of the surrounding outside area, such as a bench under trees that provide shade so people can read on a nice day, or installing a statue that pays tribute to the library’s legacy in the community.

Truly, libraries are the community’s living room and THG takes special pride in being able to help so many communities protect these important hubs. Contact us today if you’re ready to get Hyper about Philanthropy,