Build Your Hyper-Philanthropic Toolkit

While staff members and donors are crucial to a nonprofit’s success, The Hodge Group believes the most powerful resource can be an organization’s board. In order to capitalize on this resource and empower your board, consider taking steps such as providing comprehensive training and equipping them with the proper tools. With this toolkit, you can turn your organization into a Hyper-Philanthropic™️ one. 

Whether you’re considering a capital campaign, in the midst of one, or trying to grow your annual fund, here are some essential items to include in your next board training:

  1. FAQs: What does your organization do, and why is it necessary? A simple one-page document for board members to reference can prove invaluable.
  2. Digital Presence: It’s essential to be familiar with and direct prospects to your website, especially if it includes compelling videos, stories and photos that could convert donors. Make sure your website is user-friendly; nothing dissuades donors faster than a confusing, outdated website.
  3. Addresses and Logistics: Provide board members with basic knowledge of your organization’s logistics. For example, ensure they’ve visited all locations/sites (if applicable), and have insight into general operations. Sharing these details enhances your professionalism while helping board members feel valued and ready to support. 
  4. Case Statement: Your organization’s case for support should serve as the foundational element for all message training and collateral. Format your case statement to be concise and easily digestible, so board members feel proud to share it to potential donors. 

These are just a few key items board members should be aware of before advocating for your organization. Contact us if you’re ready to get Hyper about Philanthropy.