Client Spotlight: Stockhands Horses for Healing

It has been our privilege to serve Stockhands Horses for Healing, based in Delaware, Ohio, for over a year now. They are focused on providing equine-assisted therapeutic services to some of our most vulnerable populations, including veterans with PTSD and children with developmental issues.

The concept of equine-assisted therapy fits perfectly with the definition of philanthropy, which comes from the Greek phrase for a “love of humanity.” Human-animal connections are as old as time itself, and the relationship between these horses and the people they serve is humbling to observe. Horses don’t judge children struggling to read, as Stockhands offers a program where children can learn to read alongside a graceful steed. And horses offer mirrors to our emotions, allowing a veteran dealing with PTSD to learn to cope with mental issues in a non-judgmental space that allows them to recognize and modify their behavior.

This mirroring behavior is what makes horses such excellent teachers. We are able to see our fears and strengths in another creature that’s able to recognize something deep within us, and in doing so we can grow our confidence and learn to see ourselves in the horse and examine our behaviors and where they should change as we seek to grow.

Stockhands Horses for Healing is an amazing organization, and we are so proud to count them as a client, assisting them with everything from their annual campaign to a feasibility study. You can learn more about them here.