Hyper-Philanthropy™ Can Revolutionize Communities

The Hodge Group has had the pleasure of serving Lutheran Community Services in Bellefontaine, Ohio for the past two years. They provide a thrift store and food pantry to help meet some of the basic needs of the less fortunate in their community.  As demand for their services increased, the board and staff realized the need for a larger space to meet the growing needs in their community.

From conducting a feasibility study to assisting with campaign committee recruitment and training to helping their board with strategic planning and then moving into regular campaign management, we have been fortunate to be at their side every step of the way as they envisioned and then implemented a seven-figure capital campaign. Just a few weeks ago, one year to the date after their groundbreaking, our team attended their grand opening.

Lutheran Community Services’s rapid success was Hyper-Philanthropy™️ at its best. They spent focused time plotting out a strategic vision, conducting a feasibility study helped them align their culture and behavioral economics with the community, and then they became excellent communicators of that strategy through a thoughtful campaign management process.

We consider ourselves blessed to be able to serve an organization that is such a bulwark against poverty in its community. Contact us today if you’re ready to become Hyper about Philanthropy.