The End of One Thing, The Beginning of Another

It’s finally over. You’ve spent months, maybe even years, raising money for your campaign. Training your board on the Moves Management process; hosting cultivation events; securing private gifts; filling out grant requests for public and private foundations and corporations; developing a commemorative strategy. And, doing all of this while ensuring your annual fund doesn’t suffer.

Give yourself a well-earned pat on the back, and then realize that ending a campaign correctly is just as important as starting it right. At the end of a campaign, it is possible to become a victim of your own success. What we mean is that by reaching and maybe even surpassing your goal, it is possible to create the impression that fundraising for your organization is over. Using the tips below, you can avoid making that mistake and move toward long-term sustainability.

  1. Donor Celebration: Everyone loves a good party, and the end of a campaign is certainly opportunity for one. The best organizational events are forward facing. Whether you want to continue to grow your annual fund or establish an endowment for ongoing operational funding if this has been a capital campaign, use the celebration event as a call to action for the future. By telling your donors there are plans in place to ensure their hard work is setting the stage for a sustainable future, you will keep them engaged and invested in your organization.
  2. Reach Back: Just because someone didn’t donate, does not mean your organization shouldn’t inform them of a campaign’s successful end. Crucially, any feasibility study participants who haven’t been updated on campaign progress should receive a progress update from someone on your development team, or even the CEO. Letting them know their work was appreciated, and even inviting them on a tour of the new facility if you were in a capital campaign, is a great cultivation opportunity. They will feel grateful their time mattered, and just may become an annual donor now that your organization’s vision has been realized.
  3. Board Survey: Your board likely worked incredibly hard to realize the organization’s goals with this campaign. After the dust has settled, consider polling them on what they think went right and what they think might need to be done better in the future. Show them that you value their input, and you’ll create a better experience for the spine of your organization.

We’ve found these three tips help create a soft landing for the tumultuous experience that is running a campaign, and these tips also help develop a pathway for ongoing sustainability. All of this is geared toward your organization attaining a state of Hyper-Philanthropy™️.

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