Using AI to Attain a State of Hyper-Philanthropy™️

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in everything these days. Alexa, Google Maps, Chatbots, and even banking assistants to help you invest your resources wisely. So, it only makes sense that AI should be a tool offered to the passionate organization as well. THG uses a prospecting tool that allows our clients access to information that not only exposes opportunities within their current donor pool, but also introduces opportunities to expand that donor pool. We do this with an AI-fueled tool that captures data points from multiple sources, building a profile of a donor that considers their presence in print and social media, any relationships they may have to foundations and corporations, their financial holdings with respect to real estate and the SEC among other inputs, and much more. Here are three ways we use AI to help your organization achieve a state of Hyper-Philanthropy™.

  • Prospect Identification: Culture and Communication are two of the four pillars of Hyper-Philanthropy™. Each of these pillars is enhanced by the approach we take to prospect identification. After providing us with demographic information on your existing donors and donor prospects, we can determine their philanthropic priorities (culture) and uncover nuances to better speak with them (communication).
  • Moves Management: Once the above has been accomplished, the donor is identified, qualified, and we are now cultivating them. This cultivation occurs during peer review sessions. During these sessions, THG uses what’s called a “Depth Chart” to place each donor prospect up against a Chart of Standards to ultimately determine project viability at a determined funding level. Looking at this Depth Chart, the potential donor’s entire research file is hyper-linked in an excel spreadsheet so that any insights gleaned through the prospect identification process can be discussed in real time. This makes the peer review sessions significantly more productive.
  • Operational Efficiency: Donor identification and stewardship is vital to any organization, but these processes take time. THG can help you develop customizable tools to enhance your methods of data cleaning (what’s called a ‘hygiene’ process), donor communication (i.e., newsletters), and, of course, donor research.

Ultimately, by providing predictive analytics on donor prospects, an organization that uses AI is able to better understand donors, constituents, volunteers, and fundraisers. It is a significant investment, though, and that’s where THG comes in. All of our clients are allowed access to these resources, allowing you to conduct a more actionable and efficient feasibility study, capital campaign, annual campaign, and more. Contact us today to learn how you can become hyper about philanthropy.