Client Spotlight: One Health Organization

Occasionally we have the opportunity to journey with a client where our congruent models of service illustrate the literal evolution of our trademarked methodology of Hyper-Philanthropy™.

With this model we assist organizations in the optimum alignment of the model’s four pillars; Strategic Vision, Culture, Behavioral Economics, and Communication. When these are firing together, the philanthropic response accelerates.

One organization we journeyed with is One Health Organization in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded by Dr. Anna M. van Heeckeren in 2008, One Health Organization helps struggling pet parents with vet bills so animals can stay healthy and stay at home with their families.

We began our service in 2018 by working with their board to facilitate the production of a strategic plan. This started with defining their leadership’s strategic vision. The plan evolved over several months, concluded after the facilitation of a planning retreat, and moved into continued counsel to implement some of the plan’s key areas of focus. One of these areas was communication. We decided to focus on this pillar first so the plan could be clearly communicated to all stakeholders and serve as an invitation to partner. It was codified into a comprehensive communication strategy which included hardcopy collateral and digital outreach.

As their plan progressed through successful goal achievement, the fundraising needs of the organization began to change. To successfully advance the organization, it became imperative to implement a successful major giving program. From this need, THG conducted a staff search for who is now their Director of Community Relations and Development.

Once the development team was in place, the culture of the organization was fortified. This new dynamic attracted new leadership volunteers who assisted with the growing development strategy, which included the implementation of a capital campaign model. During the development of the model, OHO conducted stakeholder research to learn about how they would respond to the organization’s unfolding opportunities. This outreach informed the behavioral economics of their key constituents.

Our work with OHO concluded as we facilitated their subsequent strategic plan with a board retreat this past January. We shared in the celebration of their successful growth in volunteer leadership; expanded service delivery; enhanced staff; and, increased private funding which is continuing through their deliberate establishment of hyper-philanthropic components.

Dr. Anna summed up our time together stating, “We have been through a lot together since we started. I thank you and your Team for helping me through tough times, with challenging decisions, getting a strategic plan in place, transitioning to a new strategic plan, and helping us find Melissa.”

It was our pleasure to serve as their partners and we look forward to learning of their continued success.