Driving the Ball Down the Field of Philanthropy

Another Super Bowl is in the books, and what a game it was. Fans on both sides got to witness successful drives toward achieved goals. While this metaphor can be applied to many things, we at THG would be remiss if we didn’t apply it to philanthropy and how the following can turn your nonprofit into a Hyper-Philanthropic partner within the community.

  1. Manage Your Moves: When THG assists organizations with campaign management, we establish a campaign committee that meets on a bi-weekly basis to identify, qualify, cultivate, solicit, and steward top donor prospects. This is a Moves Management process. There are some weeks where no discernible progress is made, but we still insist on these regular meetings because it is important to get your volunteers into a routine so that they feel not just involved in your efforts but pivotal to them. Just as the Chiefs and Eagles put points on the scoreboard in every single quarter during the game, you are training your volunteers to value the incremental nature of campaign management.
  2. Every Point Matters: While leadership and major gifts are considered the “touchdowns” of our industry, there is still a great need for special gifts and community gifts. We recently had a client raise $50,000 in a month for their capital campaign through a number of $5,000 donations. That in turn prompted the Board to want to do a matching gift to double the philanthropic impact of all those grassroots donors. Campaign committees should actively look for and celebrate these types of gifts which over time lead to victory.
  3. Strong Leadership is Key: There is no substitute for a strong campaign committee chair. A key focus of our feasibility study process is the identification of strong leadership volunteers. These volunteers keep their eyes on the goal and carry the vision of success while motivating others to rally toward it.

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