Giving Thanks to Our Clients

Over the past 35 years, THG has worked with small and large nonprofit organizations throughout the country. From libraries and mental health facilities to social services organizations and institutions of higher education, it has been our privilege to work with each one of these organizations on everything from strategic planning to feasibility studies and campaign management.

This month, rather than focusing the spotlight on one client and, in the spirit of “Giving Thanks”, we want to say “thank you” to all of our clients, for everything they do in their community. We celebrate the good work being done.  

From our observations and experiences working with clients, we have developed our trade-marked methodology of Hyper-Philanthropy™.  Hyper-Philanthropy™ is about taking advantage of resources within your organization and your community at-large to foster an environment where staff, board members, and community leaders understand the influence each has on the other and the impact of serving the public good through philanthropy. 

This experience is supported by four pillars: Strategic Vision; Culture; Behavioral Economics; and Communication. These pillars form the foundation to build and/or enhance the greatest philanthropic platform possible for your organization. 

So, to our past, current and future clients “thank you” and continue to strive to position your organization as a Hyper-Philanthropic™ one. Contact us today to learn how you can become Hyper about Philanthropy.