Hyper-Philanthropy Begins with a Good Strategic Plan

By: Kim Horton, MA, CFRE

The Hodge Group leads organizations towards the strongest philanthropic response possible by tying that response directly to an organization’s strategic plan. Furthermore, we coordinate that plan with the strategic alignment of resources, messaging, and outreach, in order to customize our trademarked methodology of Hyper-Philanthropy™ for our clients.

The Hodge Group has a long history of facilitating successful strategic planning sessions with organizations of all sizes and missions. Organizations experience a session(s) which may run between two-four hours and is interactive and collaborative. We encourage attendance to be a combination of Board and staff leadership and begin our process with advanced research and discussion with the respective leadership groups. This assists all to reach consensus on the current state of the organization, its potential within its current structure, and further potential with the establishment of enhanced resources. The Hodge Group believes that a strategy that is not shared will not last, and one of the most crucial outcomes of this strategic planning situation is that the Board adopts ownership of the planning process and its result.

Organizations can expect to reach any combination of the following objectives through our initial session and subsequent sessions:

  • Consensus on opportunities and challenges
  • Established understanding of the mission and vision and its relationship to your values and service delivery
  • Established understanding of the relationship between Board and Staff Leadership and their respective roles in the creation and implementation of strategic planning
  • Understanding the relationship between the key planning components:
    • Areas of focus
    •  Goals
    •  Objectives
    •  Measures
    • Assignment of the areas of focus
    • Discussion and assignment of goals
    • Discussion and assignment reasonable measures and tactics
    • Assistance with the writing of the full plan
    • Assistance with the celebration of the plan’s approval and adoption

All of this is tailored towards unlocking a Hyper-Philanthropic™ culture among your Board and Staff Leadership. Two actions necessary to achieve that culture are that, first, your organization has to empower its Board to become brand ambassadors for that organization; next, new initiatives the organization wants to implement have to be socialized within the community. The Hodge Group’s unique strategic planning process accomplishes both those goals by naturally creating a value-imbued brand for the organization which can then be socialized through strategic messaging and invite a powerful strategic response, thus attaining a Hyper-Philanthropic™ state.

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