Philanthropic Stacking Builds Equity and Sustainability

The Hodge Group uses a term with our clients called the “philanthropic stack.” This refers to all the income sources for a given project (i.e. new market tax credits, in-kind contributions, government investment, socially responsible lenders, and of course philanthropy). By featuring your stack in a case statement, donors see a visual representation of the excitement around your goals. Captivating infographics serve as a powerful messaging tool to generate enthusiasm and show that an entire community is supporting an initiative.

A recent Stanford Social Innovation Review article, “Philanthropic Investment in People Power,” revealed to me how building out a philanthropic stack can advance equity and build a communal, sustainable approach to your organization’s goals by centering the voices of ALL an organization’s stakeholders, not just private funders, local recipients, foundations, etc. By bringing everyone alongside you, you naturally build a plan for long-term sustainability. That plan can then also be incorporated into your strategic planning.

By socializing your philanthropic stack through a feasibility study process and beyond into the actual campaign management stage, you provide multiple opportunities for community leaders to feel heard. This builds empathy, and it also provides your own organization crucial input to ensure project success. At the end of the day, philanthropy is about community and so we need to be intentional about bringing the community alongside us.

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