Recognizing Ethics Awareness Month

As a member firm of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), The Hodge Group stands with AFP members throughout the world to recognize October as Ethics Awareness Month. Celebrated annually, Ethics Awareness Month highlights the importance of ethics in fundraising and the impact fundraising has on the world. Simply defined, ethics guide us to tell the truth, keep our promises or help someone in need.

AFP members adhere to the AFP Code of Ethical Standards which outlines a set of values that drive those in philanthropy to commit to highest ethical standards. Among many values, an ethical fundraiser aspires to be trustworthy, honest, accountable and transparent. At The Hodge Group, these ethical standards intertwine with our firm values of Servant Leadership, Inclusion and Excellence in Service.

We agree to be of service to our clients and to lead humbly by offering our own skills as an extension and enhancement of their current structure. We celebrate that every organization has a unique culture with attributes and personas that should be reflected in all aspects of their organizational strategy. And finally, from our very first point of engagement with an organization, we continually strive toward and deliver excellence in our service. Not only are we committed to these values, but we are committed to upholding the highest of ethical standards within those values.

This October, we re-affirm our commitment to our respective clients, their scopes of work, and communities-at-large that we will live and serve under the AFP Code of Ethical Standards.