Blended Meetings: A Way to Become Hyper about Philanthropy

Though it’s been over thirty months since the stay-at-home orders were first issued in March 2020, the experience of virtual meetings has persisted. In fact, THG finds more clients than ever are requesting a blended model of service. Here are some quick insights about why the blended model works, and how you can make the most out of it:

  • Touch More Clients: Under the old way of doing things, a consultant might drive or fly to meet one client for a few hours, then drive or fly back, and that was the day. Under the new model of virtual meetings, we can meet anywhere from three to eight clients a day. By being able to offer ourselves to clients face-to-face, virtually, or by phone, we are able to meet our clients where they are. This relates to two key pillars of Hyper-Philanthropy™️: culture and communication. Some clients enjoy small talk, and love being able to identify what books, photos, or other personal affects we’ve set up in our virtual background. By taking a call from your own home, you’re able to offer a level of intimacy that was previously not considered appropriate, but that ultimately helps forge a stronger connection with some donors and clients.
  • More Impactful Client Experiences: Let’s face it – traveling is a hassle. Flights get delayed, traffic and car accidents are a reality of life, and everyone is entitled to the occasional off-day. However, by bringing together a blended model of service, we can schedule more meetings for regular client interaction and, crucially, can ensure we’re showing up 100% every single time.
  • Faster Client Experiences: Using this blended model, we can advance a feasibility study within two weeks. You still can’t be in two places at once (at least not until they perfect cloning), but you can take meetings back-to-back across the country thanks to virtual platforms. To bring up another pillar of Hyper-Philanthropy, implementing a client’s Strategic Vision quickly and efficiently is a guaranteed way to keep them moving toward success, and this blended model allows for that.

Ultimately, we believe the blended model of service is here to stay and that it allows firms to advance toward a state of Hyper-Philanthropy™️. Contact us today to learn how you can become Hyper about Philanthropy.