Staffing Our Clients for Hyper-Philanthropy

THG has advised multiple organizations on their staffing structure, specifically drafting job descriptions, recruiting candidates, and providing training. We deliver this to establish the organization as a Hyper-Philanthropic partner within its community. Every organization is different with regard to its staffing needs relative to its established resources and philanthropic goals. Understanding that culture is one of the pillars of our model of Hyper-Philanthropy™️, we integrate staff as an important component of that structure. 

Client Spotlight: Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County

Recently, we had an opportunity to implement a cohort model of staffing which was a unique and effective way to enhance the culture of the organization and to serve the expectations of an already hyper-philanthropic community, Northwest Arkansas.

We assisted Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County in its search for two Development Team members simultaneously. While doing so, we identified additional needs in relationship to current resources and future goals, and brought on a third team member. By starting them together, they were able to reinforce each other’s strengths and work cohesively. They developed strategy together. They have worked together for a short period of time, but continue to achieve robust results.

As we continue to assist our clients in a variety of scopes of service, we are continuing to craft this staff model as an optional result of our Organizational Capacity Assessment. Our recommendations often include resource development and we are finding that revealing a potential staff model that reinforce an organization’s vision and culture; and, aligning the day-to-day operations within the development function to that vision and culture; we are able to achieve the effectiveness and efficiency to evoke the hyper-philanthropic response. Contact us today to learn how you can become Hyper about Philanthropy.