The Standout Thank You

During the month of July, we often see retailers hold “Christmas in July” sales or nonprofit organizations hold holiday-themed events. These events remind us of the busyness of the holiday season that will soon be upon us.  With the holidays, many nonprofits see an uptick in donations and with those donations come thank you notes and the chance of your thank you note getting “lost” in the crowd.

Why not celebrate holiday giving in July with “gift-giving” to your donors? Now, we aren’t talking about gifts that will strain your budget, rather something simple that will make stand out. Maybe a mug with your logo, or a potted flower whatever you decide, make sure to include an update on your organization. This expression of gratitude, without asking for another gift can further build the relationship between you and your donors.

One of our clients has seen great success with this kind of holiday giving in July.  They hand deliver gifts with personalized thank you notes donors to show their appreciation for the continued support. They stand out, their thank you notes don’t get lost in the busyness of the holiday.  So we ask…will you consider a holiday donor thank you in July?