A Good Capital Stack is Vital to Capital Success

We are currently engaged with two clients whose capital campaigns either started or were greatly enhanced by state funding. When government entities invest in nonprofit initiatives, it shows the community’s commitment to addressing societal challenges and can motivate private donors to get involved. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Government funding lends credibility to nonprofit initiatives

When a government entity invests in a nonprofit initiative, it gives the project credibility. Government entities typically have a rigorous vetting process, and when they invest in a project it signals to the community that the initiative is valuable and worthwhile, proving to private donors that they will be investing their money in initiatives that will make a difference.

  1. Government funding can help nonprofits leverage funding from corporations/foundations.

Many foundations and corporations look to a nonprofit’s capital stack to see if a project is worth funding. Showing that your project has multiple funding streams, including investment at every level of government, gives large foundations and corporations the reassurance they often need that your project has support within your community.

THG understands how to leverage government funding as part of your capital stack in order to enable Hyper-Philanthropy™️. Contact us today to learn how you too can become Hyper about Philanthropy!