The Importance of Location

“Location, Location, Location” is a common phrase often used to stress that the location of an organization is often critical to its success. But have you thought about the importance of the location of your development team?

In the field of philanthropy, discussions of where the development team, particularly the development officer, should be located have always been an interesting debate. Whether the organization is large or small, established or relatively new, has multiple development team members or a single development officer, both the proximity and accessibility of the development function to the general public is often overlooked.  Building a culture of philanthropy begins when everyone – board members, staff and volunteers – embraces a donor-centered environment and understands they play a role in fundraising. You can often tell an organization’s prioritization of philanthropy by the accessibility to both senior management and the public.

One of our colleagues worked in a development office that was tucked away in a remote corner of the building.  This location questioned whether the organization embraced a culture of philanthropy. Another colleague worked from an office next to the CEO, clearly telling everyone donor relationships and a culture of philanthropy are important.

I took this great picture below of a client’s door that is directly off the lobby.  It clearly states what they do in that office: donations, memorials, and gift planning – you don’t have to guess. Additionally, the door is made of glass so it is both welcoming and can be closed for private conversions. This kind of thoughtful environment is what an organization needs to think about if they want to build a donor-centered, culture of philanthropy.

Donors want to be engaged and they want to visit your “location” to continue the discussion about giving.  Is your organization truly open for business? And yes, that is right, do you have a physical office that sends a clear message that donors are a priority. We aren’t suggesting you install a glass door, but we are suggesting you take a moment to understand the message you are sending donors.

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