How to Make Your Nonprofit’s DEI Policy More Than Just a One-Off Trend

Since the social justice protests of 2020, corporations have pledged $340 billion toward DEI efforts. Unfortunately, we are learning those dollars are not living up to the rhetoric of those companies promising the funds. THG is proud to have not just have a DEI policy, but an actionable one that we reflect on intuitively every single day through our practice with clients.

These DEI principles dovetail naturally with our Hyper-Philanthropy™️ methodology.  For instance, a strong strategic planning process is one that uncovers biases within your organization and centers those you serve. And by practicing empathy and conducting your work in a transparent manner, you will build a stronger culture that respects the behavioral economics of your community.

Once your principles are aligned with your priorities, your organization will be positioned to conduct the best feasibility study possible, embark upon a transformative capital campaign, pursue growing or establishing an endowment, or engage in any other philanthropic effort.

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