Accelerate into Hyper-Philanthropy™

The Hodge Group has been blessed to assist multiple organizations involved in automobile philanthropy. From pioneering the next innovations, to preserving the history of American excellence, we’ve helped these non-profits recognize and mitigate the challenges before them. We have done this with an eye toward both our trade-marked methodology of Hyper-Philanthropy™ and with consideration of what makes the American automobile industry a pillar of American ingenuity.

We’ve brought on a new client in this industry in just the last few weeks, assisting them with fundraising strategy, design, and ongoing implementation. We’ll do this by applying our Hyper-Philanthropic framework in the following ways:

  • Strategic Vision: Your strategy is everything. It dictates how your organization sees itself on both a day-to-day basis and at a macro level, telling your Board, staff, volunteers, and donors what the point of their efforts is. Crucially, this vision must center not just your story but how the story of your organization ties into the community you serve. 
  • Culture: Just because a strategy is written down, doesn’t mean it’s effective. Once you’ve decided on a strategy, the people involved in crafting it must live into those goals, so your community sees the outcomes of this strategy firsthand. By creating this culture, your organization is setting the stage for an effective community campaign, should it choose to conduct one.
  • Behavioral Economics: While some may think it’s only important to pay attention to this pillar of Hyper-Philanthropy™ during a feasibility study or capital campaign, this pillar is crucial to long-term sustainability. Understanding how your donors and clients think and respond to their community and, specifically, you on a day-to-day basis is crucial so that when the time comes to embark upon that campaign you are ahead of the curve.
  • Communication: None of the above matters unless you communicate the message you’ve crafted in a way that resonates with your community. This ‘community vesting’ element is so crucial to our work that we often call it out as its own separate work product. Through our work with your organization on the three previous pillars of Hyper-Philanthropy™, we mutually determine the best way for you to communicate your vision and in doing so build long-term sustainability.

We celebrate all of our clients but wanted to draw special attention today to the car industry we’re privileged to serve. Contact us today if you’re ready to become Hyper about Philanthropy.