Celebrating the Giving USA 2024 Report

Every year, those who work in the fundraising industry anticipate the reveal of Giving USA– an annual publication researched, written, edited and published by The Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University in partnership with The Giving Institute.

As a member of The Giving Institute ourselves, The Hodge Group hopes to see growth in the Giving USA report. At the very least, we want to rest assured that there is a continued spirit of philanthropy across America.

This year’s news is good– $517 billion dollars were contributed to charitable causes in the United States during 2023! That number hovers between 2-3% of our GDP and demonstrates an increase of 1.9% over 2022. When adjusted for inflation, it demonstrates a decrease of 2.1%.

The decrease is not a reflection of American philanthropy, but of American currency’s value, meaning a donor’s gift may not provide as many goods and services to the organization they chose to support. And from an academic perspective, it means philanthropy didn’t quite meet the needs of those we hope to help.

But with a different mindset, it means gifts were a greater sacrifice for the donor, in turn benefitting an organization’s capital campaign or annual fund. The Hodge Group celebrates the spirit of generosity during these times. We are all feeling the effects of inflation, and choosing to help others is awe-inspiring in many ways. Please continue to give what you can to the organization’s that matter most to you and thank you, thank you, thank you. It makes such a difference.

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